Posted on: July 26, 2008 6:25 am
Edited on: August 2, 2008 12:08 am

Troll Freestyle (this is hott!!!)

Troll Freestyle

(Think an old school Eazy E style rhythm)

(boom pa chick, ba boom boom chick)

There was a little guy in a dead end job

Who got the idea to start and internet mob

He found some other guys, that had no lives,

some bad a$$ kids, or some ugly a$$ wives

original id's lost, their lives were screwed

They had a cyber problem and knew just what to do

They started their mission in a defensive manner

But once the insults started, they got caught in a pattern

They began to harass women and thought it was fun

Knowing in real life that if they saw them they'd run

They sit at their screens, type insults and giggle

Create multiple s/n's, those and passwords they scribble

Hooked to it like crack they can't leave it alone

They troll while at work, they also do it at home

They let out their frustrations, cus they can't get in real trouble

It makes them feel big and makes their egos bubble

They're accomplishing nothing their time is going to waste

This is Bib saying "Trolls, tell me how my @$$ tastes"

this is a true freestyle people, lol

written on LAwish's command

18 bars, most rappers do 16

sums up what I think of the trolls

and puts shaq's kobe freestyle to shame!

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