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Conference Rankings: Round 3



Alright so we all know the debate about the strengths of the Division 1 conferences, everybody thinks their conference is #1 or #2.

So LAwish (West Coast) and I (East Coast) decided to put the question to bed...

This is round 3 now and this time I did most of the work on my own, however I did get some help for two of the conferences

carolina8800 (Big East)
cubansajoke (Big 12)

Alright so we went through the 6 major conferences, and for the heck of it, threw in the top 2 mid-major conferences: the WAC, and the Mountain West Conference. We put each team in one of these 5 categories.

                                      (you may want to skip down to the conference rankings if you don't care how it was done

5 Categories:
Big Boys- which I defined as National Title Contenders and teams that will not fall out of the top 10

Solid teams- which are teams that will likely not drop out of the rankings

Decent teams- which are teams that could get into the rankings at the back end or stay just outside the rankings

Bad teams- teams that likely aren't thinking about the rankings but may get to 6 wins to be bowl eligible

JV- teams that aren't thinking bowl game at all, 3 wins would be great

We each did our lists individually so that we didn't influence each other.

When we did our lists I realized that we would disagree about some teams so for scoring purposes 4 sub-categories were composed.

Studs- teams that fall between Big boy's and solid teams

Good teams- teams that fall between Solid and Average teams

Mediocre teams- teams that fall between average and bad

Garbage- teams that fall between bad and JV

There are now 3 tiers in most of the categories to clear things up in the tiers where there were a lot of teams, since they aren't all equal.
Here is how the teams came out:


Team Rankings:
Big Boys: Missouri, Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama

Studs: Tier 1: Penn. St., USF, BYU,Texas Tier 2: Georgia

Solid: Tier 1: USC (west), Florida Tier 2: Auburn, UConn Tier 3: Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Ohio St., Kansas, Utah, TCU, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt

Good: Tier 1: Boise St. Tier 2: Fresno St., Illinois, Oregon

Decent: Tier 1: Clemson, Maryland, Florida St., Michigan St., Oklahoma St., Kentucky Tier 2: Arizona St., Cal, Ole Miss Tier 3: North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon St.

Mediocre: Tier 1: Miami Tier 2: Purdue, Colorado, USC (east), Nevada Tier 3: Northwestern , Arizona, Air Force, UNLV

Bad: Tier 1: Louisville, Tennessee, Baylor Tier 2: Boston College Tier 3: Iowa, NC State, Duke, Pitt, Cincinnati, New Mexico St., San Jose St., Kansas St., Stanford, Mississippi St., New Mexico

Garbage: Tier 1: Texas A&M, UCLA Tier 2: Indiana, Louisiana Tech

JV: Tier 1: Iowa St., Rutgers, Colorado St. Tier 2: Wyoming, San Diego St., Washington, Washington St., Arkansas Tier 3: Virginia, Syracuse, Hawaii, Idaho, Utah St.

I graded the teams on a 5 points scale with Big Boys getting 5. The seperate tiers in each category received different amounts of points as well. Studs received 4.5 - 4.9 points, solid teams received 4 - 4.49 points and so on, down the line
Here's how the conferences came out:


Conference rankings
1. SEC          3.4925  (up)
2. Big 12       3.25      (up)
3. Big Ten    3.1063  (up)
4. ACC          2.835    (up)
5. MWC         2.611    (no change)
6. Pac 10      2.6         (up)
7. Big East   2.5         (no change)
8. WAC         1.982    (down)

1. SEC           3.30916 
2. Big 12         3.1133  
3. Big 10         2.9090  
4. ACC            2.77     
5. MWC          2.611    
6. Big East      2.5       
7. Pac 10        2.4       
8. WAC          2           

So the top 5 stay the same, but the Pac 10 has jumped ahead of the Big East

Hopefully next week I get at least one other opinion on each conference, to balance some things out.

Comments people?
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Troll Freestyle (this is hott!!!)

Troll Freestyle

(Think an old school Eazy E style rhythm)

(boom pa chick, ba boom boom chick)

There was a little guy in a dead end job

Who got the idea to start and internet mob

He found some other guys, that had no lives,

some bad a$$ kids, or some ugly a$$ wives

original id's lost, their lives were screwed

They had a cyber problem and knew just what to do

They started their mission in a defensive manner

But once the insults started, they got caught in a pattern

They began to harass women and thought it was fun

Knowing in real life that if they saw them they'd run

They sit at their screens, type insults and giggle

Create multiple s/n's, those and passwords they scribble

Hooked to it like crack they can't leave it alone

They troll while at work, they also do it at home

They let out their frustrations, cus they can't get in real trouble

It makes them feel big and makes their egos bubble

They're accomplishing nothing their time is going to waste

This is Bib saying "Trolls, tell me how my @$$ tastes"

this is a true freestyle people, lol

written on LAwish's command

18 bars, most rappers do 16

sums up what I think of the trolls

and puts shaq's kobe freestyle to shame!

hit me with some feedback!
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