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College Conferenes: Who's #1?

Alright so we all know the debate about the strengths of the Division 1 conferences, everybody thinks their conference is #1 or #2, (except the Pac 10 and SEC people who all think they're #1.

So LAwish (West Coast) and I (East Coast) decided to put the question to bed.

I'm going to break this down similar to the way I broke my NCAA tournament formula down (which I remind you picked the eventual Champion, several upsets, and  near upsets, and 3 of the final 4 check it out)

Alright so LA and I went through the 6 major conferences, and for the heck of it, threw in the top 3 mid-major conferences, the WAC, C-USA, and the Mountain West Conference. We put each team in one of these 5 categories.

                                      (you may want to skip down to the conference rankings if you don't care how it was done)

5 Categories:


Big Boys- which I defined as National Title Contenders and teams that will not fall out of the top 10

Solid teams- which are teams that will likely not drop out of the rankings

Average teams
- which are teams that could get into the rankings at the back end or stay just outside the rankings

Bad teams- teams that likely aren't thinking about the rankings but may get to 6 wins to be bowl eligible

JV- teams that aren't thinking bowl game at all, 3 wins would be great

We each did our lists seperately so that we didn't influence each other.

When we did our lists I realized that we would disagree about some teams so for scoring purposes 4 sub-categories were composed.


Studs- teams that fall between Big boy's and solid teams

Good teams
- teams that fall between Solid and Average teams

Mediocre teams- teams that fall between average and bad

Garbage- teams that fall between bad and JV

Here is how the teams came out:

Team Rankings:

Big Boys : USC (west), Missouri, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia

Studs: LSU, Texas, Oregon, BYU, Utah, TCU, Wisconsin, Penn St., Virginia Tech, Fresno St., USF, West Virginia, East Carolina

Solid: Kansas, Arizona St., Illinois, Ohio St., Clemson, Wake Forest, Boise St.

Good: Auburn, Alabama, Texas Tech, Cal, Oregon St., Nevada

Average: USC (east), Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Purdue, Michigan St., North Carolina, Florida St., UCF, Tulsa Tulane, Rutgers

Mediocre: Oklahoma St., Arizona, Kentucky, Texas A&M, UCLA, UNLV, New Mexico, Michigan, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Boston College, San Jose St, Southern Miss, Rice, UConn, Pitt, Cincinnati

Bad: Ole Miss, Kansas St., Colorado, Nebraska, Stanford, San Diego St., Northwestern, Miami, Houston, Marshall, Louisville

Garbage: Washington, Arkansas, Miss. St., Air Force, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Duke, Virginia, Louisiana Tech, Hawaii, New Mexico St., SMU

JV: Washington St, Iowa St., Baylor, Wyoming, Colorado St., N.C. State, Idaho, Utah St.,UTEP, Memphis UAB, Syracuse

Now we differed on how to score the conferences because LA, realizing some of his conferences were top top heavy wanted to give more weight to the top teams, so I went with 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 syestem, while LA went with a 10, 7, 4, 2, 1 system (with teams in the sub-categories getting the average of the two they're between)

Here's how that shook down

Bib and LA's Conference rankings

1. SEC      3.4583333
2. Pac-10   3
3. Big 12    2.9166667
4. Big 10    2.9090909
5. Big East 2.8125
6. ACC       2.6666667
   MWC      2.6666667
8. WAC      2.3333333
9. C-USA    2.25

1. SEC       4.9583333
2. Pac-10   4.7
3. Big 12    4.5833333
4. Big 10    4.4090909
5. Big East 4.125
6. MWC     4.1111111
7. WAC     3.89999999
8. ACC      3.79166667
9. C-USA   2.91666667

So the SEC clearly the top league, followed by the Pac-10, Big 12, and Big 10

after that it get's muddy

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